Friday, February 7, 2020

VoIP Security Problem and Solution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

VoIP Security Problem and Solution - Essay Example The major benefit of this technology is that it reduces the expenditures that go together with a traditional phone line, at least at this point of the game. In other words, this is a new communication technology structure that offers the savings of hundreds, or yet thousands of dollars for a number of people. Additionally, the people who have made use of voice chat software would have knowledge of the latency concerns that transmit through some kind of data transfer including the internet. However, VoIP technology effectively deals with the latency concerns by means of RTP (real-time communication protocol). In addition, this communication protocol ensures that data packets are transferred and received in an appropriate manner (Garden; Karapantazis and Pavlidou; Swale). Moreover, the basic design of VoIP is very much different from customary circuit-based technology of telephony, and this difference results in major security problems and issues (Kuhn, Walsh and Fries). Figure 1: VoIP Image Source: This report will present a detailed analysis of security problems and issues due to application of VoIP technology at Hargreaves, Hargreaves, Hartley and Hunter (usually known as H4) company. This report will also present some mitigation strategies which can be adopted by H4 Company to deal with security-related issues. Background H4 is a marketing firm that excels at advertising campaigns for a large number of well-known products and brands as well as a lot of smaller ones. H4 Company is specialized in designing ads for healthcare products however it as well handles accounts related to beauty products and domestic cleaning products. Additionally, the company has now evolved to a huge business setup that requires high quality communication capabilities. In this scenario, there is a vital need for the implementation of cost-effective communication technology setup. The traditional communication arrangement at the business is costly as well as not enough to deal with growing communication needs of the business. Thus, the management of H4 Company has decided to implement a new technology-based arrangement which is known as VoIP. Security Issues VoIP has become a well-known technology that is now vastly implemented at corporate structures. This modern technology offers an excellent support for managing communication related issues. However, a number of security and privacy-related issues are still hindering in the successful application of this technology based arrangement. This section of the report outlines some of the key issues in order to present a more detailed overview of security issues that can create problems for H4 Company. In case of VoIP the security problems and vulnerabilities carry on to plague such new communication environment, even the main vendors putting out devices that could be easily compromised.  

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