Monday, February 24, 2020

Response to the Guidelines and Syllabus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Response to the Guidelines and Syllabus - Essay Example Outlining the resources also promotes cohesion by allowing learners and educators to read from same primary sources. Clear definition of course objectives, which the guideline offers, are also significant to achievement of the objectives as this helps both learners and educators to focus on specific goals. Outlining key learning processes also prepares students for the course. In addition to effectiveness of outlined purpose and communicated process, offering the grading criteria is significant to helping the students meet their expectations in test results. This motivates students’ input into course materials as well as in discipline and offers a fair evaluation basis. The guidelines are also clear on class procedures, assignment submission, and availability of writing assistance, and the developed standard policies for the program are sensitive to needs in a learning environment and the necessary discipline. The daily course syllabus also offers a basis for preparation, among students and the tutor, and for evaluation of achievements. The guidelines and syllabus are therefore sufficient to facilitate behavior and activities towards achieving objectives of the course. The document is however long and this may be a barrier to communicating its content because many students may be discouraged from reading the document. A more summarized document may better meet the

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