Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Latino Assimilation Essay -- Culture

Immigration has always been an issue in the United States, which is often portrayed as harmful and as major threat to American culture. As a result, various anti immigration policies have been aimed against immigrants in order to prevent and preserve the miscegenation of American culture, such as English only policies. Among the largest minority groups in the U.S, are Latinos who currently compose of 15% of the U.S population (Delgado and Stefancic 3). Unfortunately, Latinos have been accused of taking American benefits, jobs, and have wrongfully been depicted as a result of not assimilating to American culture. Latinos are often accused of resisting assimilation, but what has failed to be acknowledged is that there are obstacles set in place that are preventing Latinos from completely assimilating. Among those greatest obstacles there is discrimination. Institutional as well as individual discrimination have prevented many Latinos from feeling a sense of belonging. As a result Lati nos have been reluctant to assimilate. Another major component is proximity. Many Latinos are native to nearby countries, which allows for easy communication with family members as well as their culture. Moreover, it also allows for a constant influx of immigrants that replenish and preserve Latino cultures and traditions in the U.S. Lastly, Latino movements are working diligently to promote unity among communities for the purpose of creating a sense of identity and pride amongst Latinos, such as the Chicano movement. In comparison to other migrating groups, Latinos have had different experiences that have prevented them from completely assimilating into American society. Throughout our history and presently, Latinos continue to face acts of cruelty... ... English 583. Delgado, Richard and Stefancic Jean. â€Å"The Shape of the Latino Group: Who Are We and What Are We Talking About Anyway.† Richard and Jean 3. Feagin, Joe R. â€Å"The First U.S Latinos: White Wealth and Mexican Labor.† Richard and Jean 67. Hartley, George. â€Å"I Am Joaquin: Rodolfo â€Å"Corky† Gonzales and the Retroactive Construction of Chicanismo.† Richard and Jean 241-242. Johnson, Kevin R. â€Å"No Poor Need Apply.† Richard and Jean 98-100. Lopez, Ian F, Haney. â€Å"Legal Violence and the Chicano Movement.† Richard and Jean 308-309. Mendoza, Gustavo Chacon. â€Å"Gateway to Whiteness: The Census and Hispanic/Latino Identity.† Richard and Jean 49. Perea, Juan F. â€Å"Buscando America: Why Integration and Equal Protection Fail to Protect Latinos.† Richard and Jean 601-602. Waters, Mary. â€Å"Assimilation and Demographic Replenishment.† Richard and Jean 409-410.

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